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  Destination: Burbank
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To see the map areas with existing road views, drag the figure (*Pegman*), while it is colored orange or dark gray, from the top left corner of the map area. Roads that turn blue while moving the Pegman do contain photo data. Drop the Pegman onto a blue street To move the photo view, drag the streets image with the mouse. Zoom is done by scrolling the mouse wheel. You can also use the controls on the screen. Address points are set by searching by address, by putting in coordinates or by clicking on the map. A marker will be displayed that can be right-clicked. The displayed marker data can be transferred into the route plan. To plan a route 3 route points (start, stopover, finish) must be entered. For calculating the route, the inclusion of highways can be disabled. Use of tollroads can be included separately. The calculated route can be changed in the display by pulling the step points or road segments.
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